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Use the best modern-day technology has to offer and bring your business to a new level. We prepare high-quality, efficient, and advanced IT solutions for your needs and ideas, which are easy to use and will improve and facilitate your business.

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Solutions and Services

We are here to help you achieve your goal, every step of the way. We provide complete, professional IT services and consulting; we monitor and support your business daily. We create outstanding IT solutions that will improve your business activities. Together we will outline the digital future that will expand your business. We support a culture of high quality, sustainability, and solutions.

Our innovative IT solutions help clients operate more successfully and efficiently. Our focus is on developing business ideas, implementing comprehensive programs, and creating highly sustainable solutions. We design and improve the experience of using websites, web shop platforms, mobile platforms, applications, and digital products, with visually attractive solutions: UI and UX design, Front End and Back End development, QA, project management and support and maintenance services.

At Globalsoft, we continually expand our expertise and introduce innovations. We keep up with modern technology, with a deep understanding of our client’s business needs, including the needs of users and the interaction between users and products, i.e., the company. As a result, we deliver technology which transforms the way you do business; we provide specific, personalized services, and unique solutions for your business growth.

We specialize in developing professional, functional e-commerce platforms for all types of industries, including B2B and B2C sectors, with an integrated billing system. When creating e-commerce platforms, we adapt them to our needs and requirements as much as possible (we customize them to fit the needs and requirements of our clients as much as possible). It is characterized by ease of use and content management, reliability, and speed. We approach each project with maximum attention, dedication, and enthusiasm.

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To realize business ideas into concrete projects and products, we use a variety of frameworks for frontend and backend code, database management systems and Continuous integration and Continuous delivery systems. It all starts with a good codebase, for which we use Go and PHP for our backend, and Angular, React, Nuxt and Vue for our frontend. For databases we use Postgresql with Redis and Elastic for specific high-speed needs and Docker to support our local development and deployment to testing and productive environments. The list of used technologies was smaller in our very beginning, but as our customer base and market share increased, we adapted and integrated the newest and best-suited technologies for our projects and products. We will continue to innovate and include new technologies as well as improve our knowledge and use of current ones.

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Our partners are numerous international companies with whom we have successfully cooperated for many years developing partnership relations. Our common goal is to create successful projects and top solutions that bring the business to a higher level.

Dr. Markus Kalb, Userwerk CEO
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’Our relationship with Globalsoft goes back to the beginning of both of our companies - and we have grown in size, knowledge and market share together. Globalsoft has been a great support to our business ideas and we look forward to an even brighter future together. ’

Dr. Markus Kalb

CEO of Userwerk GmbH

Paul Vogel, CEO & Founder
Digiteach logo

'From cleaning industry entrepreneur to reshaping online training, our collaboration with Globalsoft has been a game-changer. Their expertise across tech stacks and unwavering support made the journey seamless. Thank you, Globalsoft, for being the driving force behind our success!’

Paul Vogel

CEO & Founder Of Digiteach Academy

Christian Harms, Solar Operations
Solar operations logo

’We were in need of a high-quality and fast-paced team that could support our needs in the gaming industry, and Globalsoft was the perfect solution. I enjoy working with their young and pro-active team and can’t wait for future work to come. ’

Christian Harms

COO of Solar Operations, Ltd

Dennis de Jong, GDP
GDP logo

‘We were looking for someone to implement our business ideas and needs into a simple yet powerful tool, universal but still unique, and Globalsoft answered the challenge. ’

Dennis de Jong

CEO of Global Digital Profile GmbH